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Dukakis Hugging Moon Maiden

An Ongoing Adventure Series

12 July
Trapped in a world I never made!

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Terror Alert Level
18th century, 19th century, 50s sci-fi, 70s film, 70s rock, 80s pop, alan moore, alliteration, animals, anne sexton, arbitrary voodoo sex icons, artistic freedom, astral travel, b-movies, bette davis, bisexuality, black cherry ice cream, british literature, british sitcoms, byron, carbon leaf, catullus, cheap booze, chrishaas, cinema, classical studies, comics, confessionalism, crazy jane, dada, david bowie, david lynch, dead white men, deism, delirium, divine, doom patrol, dream, duckman, dyanne thorne, dylan thomas, edith wharton, endless, england, european history, existentialism, faust, final fantasy, french revolution, gay, gay rights, genuine music, getting suspended for your interests, gnosticism, gothic architecture, graeco-roman mythology, grant morrison, guilded age, gulliver's travels, h.p. lovecraft, hammer films, hating orson scott card, high middle ages, homosexuality, ill-gotten wealth, ilsa, impeach bush, italian, italian horror films, italy, james joyce, jazz, joan crawford, john updike, john waters, jonathan swift, ken russell, language, larp pacman, latin, literary analysis, little gay brandon, lords of acid, louis black, love, lust, manic depression, margaret atwood, marlene dietrich, marlowe, marquis de sade, misanthropy, modern poetry, modernism, monarchs, morrissey, mystery science theatre 3000, native american culture, native american history, neil gaiman, neitzsche, nick cave, occult, octavia butler, p.j harvey, pam grier, paradise lost, peter jackson, plants, r.e.m, radiohead, reincarnation, religion, rev. horton heat, richard iii, robert graves, roger corman, romance languages, rome, seinfeld, silent age, socialism, spiritualism, stories, suetonius, supervillains, sylvia plath, the clash, the simpsons, the smiths, the throne of utah, theism, tom waits, toni morrison, tori amos, transcendentalism, tyrants, utah, victorian era, vincent price, wales, welsh, wes anderson, white wine, william faulkner, writing