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Idle thought - Dukakis Hugging Moon Maiden [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Idle thought [Feb. 5th, 2011|04:38 pm]
So it's pretty much a given that today's conservatives only give a damn about people when they're still in the womb (or of course if they're rich, but that's another matter entirely). Once you're out of the womb, then it's a life of expensive health care, no social safety net, colleges only accessible by signing on to predatory loans, and an economic environment where jobs are scarce. But what if we steal a page from their book and try to tie abortion into everything, even something completely unrelated? What if we put up a petition for unemployed or underemployed people where they can vow to write a sternly worded letter to Planned Parenthood about the evils of abortion if they get a job? Would it get the Tea Party and the Republicans thinking seriously about working- and middle-class Americans for five minutes? Probably not, but maybe it's worth a try!

(Well, I'm only half-serious about this, but if someone far more web-savvy and with more time on their hands than I have is willing to volunteer, maybe...).

[User Picture]From: madwriter
2011-02-07 12:02 am (UTC)
Or as someone else said recently, they might take rape more seriously if someone can definitely prove that every time a woman is raped, conservatives lose money.
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